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iPhone 12 Pro: Some Revelations By Apple Might Disappoint You.

Apple is releasing another version of their best selling product. The new iPhone 12 pro though, eh! Not so revolutionary though. It might have some different notches like the other iPhones released in the past decade.

Here are some specifications of the New iPhone 12 Pro coming really soon worldwide.

Performance Apple A13 Bionic
Storage 64 GB
Camera 13MP + 13MP + 13MP
Battery 4440 mAh
Display 6.06″ (15.39 cm)
Ram 6 GB


Fans of the new model were pretty excited about the supposed release of the iPhone 12 Pro. Previously set to release in July the new version of the Apple Product is pushed down to September 2020. 



Some pointers about the new iPhone 12 Pro: 

  • With the new Global climate and the introduction of the 5G space the release dates might go back. The new iPhone design rumored to be inspired by the early iPhone 4 and 5s.
  • While the leak from Apple did confirm that the new iPhone 12 and 12max might still have the 4GB RAM only, the 12 Pro will be 6GB. The new A14 chipset will be equipped with all three of them.  
  • It is the grapevine that all 2020 iPhones will have an OLED display. Currently, the 11 has an LCD display, while the Pro models have OLED. There are also reports of a variable refresh rate with a 120Hz refresh rate reported that can drop down to 60Hz when necessary.  
  • The new rumor is iPhone 12 won’t have the ProMotion displays because of the need to implement a low-power display tech which is least likely to happen this year.
  • There is also news that the wires are coming back to the earplugs, yes! they might be back

The official stand of Apple is that the iPhone release date is being pushed back. The general trend has been that release of the new model takes place in September as we saw in the case of 11, 11Max, and 11Pro models. Let’s wait on the further news at what exactly are we in for. 

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