Irregular At Magic High School: Who’s The New Student?

Irregular At Magic High School Season 2 is finally underway and fans are very excited about it. The anime’s second season comes after a huge 6-year-long wait. A new student from the USA arrives at First High School in Japan, and this student identity’s a secret.

On the other hand, a magician soldiers’ group from the United States of North America (USNA) has gone rogue. This group is are committing murders via arson. Here’s everything you need to know about the anime’s latest details!

Irregular At Magic High School: Who’s The New Student

Miyuki‘s friend Shizuku Kitayama has left to study in the US for three months. She got admitted to the foreign university via a foreign exchange program. Angelina Kudou Shields comes in her return and is a gifted Course 1 student.

Irregular At Magic High School
Source: Funimation

Tatsuya and the gang were going to the shrine together. Tatsuya suddenly notices them someone is spying on them from the roof. It was Lina and when she understands that she’s been exposed, she leaves but shares a tense glance with Tatsuya.

Lina is also an exchange student and will be studying at First High School for three months. On the flip side, she is also Angie Sirius. Angie is one of the only 13 known Strategic-Class magicians in the entire world. Tatsuya realizes that Lina is hiding her true identity. However, Tatsuya cannot under why the US would send its most powerful magician abroad. No country sends their magicians abroad, because they are afraid they might leak some secrets.

Lina is on a mission to find out about the magician behind the events that concluded Season 1. Tatsuya secretly used the Strategic-Class spell Material Burst to destroy an entire naval base and its invading fleet. Lina, as a part of her plan, successfully befriends Miyuki, Honoka, and other Course 1 students.

Irregular At Magic High School
Source: Funimation

She also gets well along with Tatsuya’s group from Course 2. She quickly deduces that there is more to Tatsuya that what meets the eyes. Lina meets Tatsuya in the hallway and greets him when they are alone. She asks him why he is known as the Irregular magician. So he explains to her the reason.

Tatsuya Shows his Strength!

Tatsuya says that standardized school tests measure a magician’s ability in various categories, not just pure combat strength. Lina then decides to test Tatsuya’s strength, and he in return, does not hold back. Tatsuya easily blocks all of Lina’s spells and he also clutches her wrist, hard. The duo is both hiding their true identity and so, they leave the conversation short.

On the day, Lina receives a disturbing message from her commanding officer. The message said that the other escaped Army fugitives have arrived in Japan. She gets assigned to a new mission of finding these fugitives and arrest them.

Irregular At Magic High School
Source: Funimation

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The final scenes show two dark, mysterious figures standing over a third, seemingly dead figure. The lying figure suddenly wakes up with bright green eyes. These eyes exactly resembled the soldiers’ who Lina killed back in the US.

The mystery begins to grow more as danger begins to circle around Tatsuya, Lina, and all of Japan’s magicians.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!







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