Is Badhaai Do Available On OTT, Netflix, Prime Video Or Hotstar?

Badhaai Do: The movie lover we are back here for you with amazing news, remember “Badhaai ho,” casting Ayushmann Khurrana and many other leading actors.

Now we have “Badhaai Do” which was released on 11th February 2022. But due to the long period of Covid-19 people have stayed inside their homes. It can also be said that people now prefer to watch movies inside their homes, obviously, there are 50-50 on both sides.

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However, the main question after this is, Is Badhaai Do available on OTT platforms. And won which platform most importantly will it be abattoir streaming online. Amazon Prime. Netflix. Hotstar, Disney+, Zee, or any other streaming service?

What are the movies all about?

The Bollywood movie, “Badhaai Do” is a comedy-drama film which is directed by Harshavardhan Kulkarni. The stars cast in this movie are Rajkummar Rao and Bhumi Pednekar. They play the role of a couple who get married to hide their sexual identity and evade familial pressure to marry. The couple builds up a strong connection as they become accustomed to each other’s antics and the family dramas.

If the storyline sounds exciting to you then we have an amazing thing to share with you about the movie.

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What Is The Story Of Badhaai Do?

As every family desires, Shardul’s family has always wished for a boy but as a middle-class family, they didn’t want to higher their hopes after a long run of female kids. He was always surrounded by all the female coworkers when he become a cop. Still, he never dated anyone, but along the time he finds himself under increasing pressure to marry. It was from both sides, family, and society.

Then the story goes like this. Sharmila meets Suman Singh a school physical education teacher who is dealing with similar problems.
But for the sake of their loved ones they get married. However the families are very happy and overjoyed about it, but the pair Marian’s a secret from everyone that may have may effects.

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As time passes their friendship becomes stronger and they become comrades to keep their actual self protected.

Badhaai Do Box Office Collections

On the first day Omar at the box office the movie, Badhaai Do gross Rs. 1,65 crores. And on the second day, the movie made 2.72 crores.
3.45 crores are earned in the third day and weekend it increased and domestic total to 7.82crores.

But if you see globally then 21.85 crores as of 20th February 2022- 1.74 crores abroad and 20.11 crores in India.

Streaming Details & Rights of Is Badhaai Do?

In April 2022, the movies’ television rights are purchased by Zee Network. However, there is no release date of TV mentioned by producers, as they are yet to finalize the film’s official television date.

The movie is created by ZEE5, so there are higher chances for it to get released on ZEE5.
As a result, we would recommend you to keep an eye out for the movie in the months ahead.

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Is the movie on Netflix?

The film’s digital rights have been purchased by Netflix, it can be or will be distributed on or before 12th March 2022. Not only this there will be Hindi and English subtitles will also be available in it. Though the film was never released in a dubbed version.

Is the movie on Amazon Prime Video?

So, the sad part is that the movie is not available on Amazon Prime. On the platform, the movie is also unavailable as on-demand material.

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Is the movie on Hostar+?


Yet again the sad part is, on Hotstar also the movie is unavailable, but it is likely to emerge on the online steamers soon.

How Can I Stream For Free?

However, if you to watch the movie you have to go to the theatres. It can’t be downloaded for free on any platform. Those who wish to watch the film for free must wait for it to become available on a streaming service with a free trial period.

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