Is ‘Devs’ underrated? The primary cast, Plot, and need to know about it.

After a good response from movies like Ex-Machina and Annihilation, now he is going for ‘Devs’ yet another Alex Garland’s U.S. based Sci-Fi thriller content, which he wrote and directed.


The series is set to run this spring on 5th March 2020, where it is still shrouded in ministry. It will air on Hulu under F.X. production. The series will be comprised of 8 episodes, which he referred to be as a long movie rather than series.

Major Cast, we know for now:

Starring Sonoya Mizuno as Lily Char as a young Computer Engineer in a Silicon Valley-based company. Nick Offerman as Forest the C.E.O. of the company Jin Ha as Jaime, Zach Greiner as Kenton, and Stephan McKinley Steward Henderson as Steward, Caillee Spaeny as Lyndon, and Alison Pill as Kaite.

Lily in action


The show is focused on a young girl Lily who is Computer Engineer at Amaya, a Silicon Valley-based company. And after which she lost her boyfriend for which she investigates, and finds out that there is a ‘Secret Division’ in Amaya where there’s a chance to get the answer to her question.

Alex Garland has gone for a heavily technological theme for this where technologies like ‘Quantum Computing’, ‘Supercomputer’ or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is shown.

The series will bring us great viewing experience where we will find Nick Offerman’s serious/ murder role rather than a funny role as Ron from Parks & Rec.

For sure, the series hasn’t got that much of exposure like others in the market, but this for sure needs attention the series for sure will be state of the art.

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