Is Karisma Kapoor battling COVID-19?

In the third wave of coronavirus the actor Karisma Kapoor has caught up with this virus. While talking to Kajol her sister Kareem Kapoor made the revelation, standing outside the Mehboob studio in Mumbai on Thursday.

These two actresses bumped into each other today. That mini-reunion was captured by the paparazzi. There is a viral video where these two are talking about Kareena’s second child and Covid-19.

Bumping into each other no actress leaves without small chit-chat.


Is Karisma Kapoor battling COVID-19?
What do they have to say about Karisma? Source: Hindustantimes.

With an enthusiastic smile, Kareena asks Kajol: ‘What’s happening?’ In return Kajol also asks a question, ‘How’s your new baby?’ Kareena: “Oh god, he’s already a year.”
Then the conversation turns towards Covid-19 where Kajol tells that she had tested positive earlier as well. Then this is when Kareena revealed that Karisma is COVID-positive. She said, “Lolo (Karisma’s nickname) just turned positive yesterday.”

The ongoing third wave of coronavirus in the country has caught the actress Karisma Kapoor.

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