Isekai Ojisan’s Real World Struggle

Isekei Ojisan is an isekai anime series. Generally in isekai series, none returns to the real world after travelling to the world of isekai. But, here in the anime, Takafumi’s uncle return from a magical world. Here start the wholesome queries and real struggle.

Recently, there has been an official announcement of the Isekai Ojisan anime. The story so far is quite interesting and now it’s even more than ever.

Isekei Ojisan Anime-

The story follows the famous uncle’s character. Seventeen years ago, Takafumi’s uncle fell into a coma and died.  And now, out of blue, he is back to life. The dead person is back with more abilities he had and currently sharing the life with Takafumi.

The uncle is back with magical powers. Takafumi discovers nowadays his uncle treasures video games above all. As he was comatose, he was transported to another world. He was in another world as some heroic guardian!

The Aftermath-

To enter an isekai world after encountering a Truck-Kun is the easiest. If we compare it to coming back to the real world. It is also actually rare to come back to the real world in isekai anime. Isekai Ojisan is such an upcoming anime, that shows Takafumi’s uncle’s come back from a magical world.

Now, Takafumi does not have only a magical uncle but also a man who does not know anything about current modern things. The uncle looks like a guy up on two decades of history. He does not understand smartphones, high-speed internet, or any modern anime tropes.

This suffers the boy most even more than his uncle’s magical powers. Takafumi now tries to figure out how to use his uncle’s powers and at the same time diffuse uncle from committing various strange activities. Now the sanity of uncle is even more doubtful.

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