It Chapter 2: Will There Be Any Sequel?

Horror has been around for a very long time, instilling fear into people. Like all the horror movies ‘It’ has a story behind its twisted and sick fantasy of demon. The movie has been one of the best horror movies of all time.

It Chapter 1: About the movie

It is a 2017 American horror movie. The movie is based on a novel named It’ written by Stephan King’s in 1976. The director of the movie is Andy Muschietti.

The movie tells us about the children living in Derry who are terrorized by a demon named Pennywise. In the process, the children face their own personal demons.

It Chapter 2: What is in the movie?

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The movie It Chapter 2 shows the return of the much older loser’s club to Derry after 27 years. We know that the clown returns from the depths of Derry every 27 years. So to protect the town from the terror of Pennywise, the members of loser’s club reunite.

Furthermore, if we talk about the third part there are no reports that believe that it can happen on the grounds.

Will There Be A Third Part?

The clown was defeated at the end of It Chapter 2. But the demon’s death is often never the end in the horror. Since the film is based on a novel with a clear beginning and ending, the third part is not possible for this movie.

The director Andy Muschietti said: “There is whole mythology to the book. Mythology is something that always has opportunities to explore. It has been on Earth for millions of years. He’s been in contact with humans for hundreds of years, every 27 years. So you can imagine the amount of material.

Pennywise is dead without any doubt and would never come back. Though with such a huge box office success we can expect Warner Bros to make the third part.

The third part of the movie is possible. In the film, we saw that Pennywise used to threaten the people of Derry after particular intervals. So, this is the best method to develop the third part.

The director of both the movies said that a side project for Pennywise could happen soon.





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