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The Disney Villainous board game of Ravensburger is fantastic. Still, if you are thinking to prefer something familiar, then the basic concept of the game is made available in the Monopoly form. Indeed, in the Disney Villains Monopoly, you are encouraged to be terrible and ruthless. It is all about the classic Disney villains scheming, stealing, and competing to see who is the most evil of all of them. In case you mock the losers or flip the tables in anger, well, that means that you are right to your character.

Disney Villains Monopoly
Image Source – Disney

In the Disney Villains Monopoly, you will be playing as Jafar, Cruella, Evil Queen, Hook, or Maleficent. Each of the characters has a Power Card that outlines a unique ability, and the special ability can be activated when you pass GO and place the Flames of Power ring on your token.

The card game also includes the Poison Apple cards, that will be providing the players with a particular advantage, like the ability to place free Thickets, and steal coins and properties.

Disney Villains Monopoly Game Details

All the players must buy and sell the Villain Contracts instead of the locations, and the more the villain a player hires, the more rent they will be able to collect. Monopoly: Disney Villains Edition is made available to order on the online shopping platform, Amazon for $29.99 only. It has also been listed on Walmart, but the game was inactive or sold out at the time of writing.

You can also check out the Disney Villainous game of Ravensburger on Amazon for $34.97 only. Also, the listing of the game includes the links to the expansions of the game. Two other board games have been recently released that the Disney fans might be interested in.

Disney Villains Monopoly
Image Source – Disney

The first game is The Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits, which was developed in partnership with Funko Games. Get ready to bring the iconic Disney Parks attraction to your home for a fun family adventure.

The Haunted Mansion: Call of the Spirits is a board game for 2-6 players that involves the exploring of the classic rooms of the ghost-infested manor, from the festivities-filled Ballroom to the Attic and out to the Graveyard and beyond in search of spirits.

Players move around the mansion by rotating the Endless Hallway around Madame Leota’s Séance Room, collecting Ghost cards and avoiding Haunt Cards and Hitchhiking Ghosts along the way.

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