It’s Okay To Not Be Okay: Finale That Brought Tears

“It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” or (Korean: 사이코지만 괜찮아; Saikojiman gwaenchana; literal. Psycho But It’s Okay) is a South Korean romantic drama starring Kim Soo-Hyun and Seo Ye-Ji. It’s a story of two people who are unlikely to find love but finds it in each other. Ordinarily, it may seem like a cliche story, but the show has taken the standards to a new high. Of course it’s not all just romantic, we have back story, we have tragedy, we have pullbacks, and we have reunions. Since it aired in South Korean from 20th of June, the show has been able to garner both critical and audience’s acclaim. Check out the trailer here first before to get into the details of the show.


It’s Okay To Not Be Okay: Plot Details

The series tells the story of “Moon Gang-tae (Kim Soo-Hyun), a community health worker at a psychiatric ward who does not have time for love, and Ko Moon-young (Seo Ye-Ji), a successful children’s book author who has never known what love feels like. After meeting each other, the two slowly begin to heal each other’s emotional wounds. As the story progresses, the truth behind their intertwining pasts that has been haunting them is also revealed.”

Still from season 1
“it’s okay to not be okay”
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Pre-finale Sequence:

In the 15th episode, we see the acceptance of the love of both of our protagonists. We see Gang-tae finally approaching Moon-young. As they are about to kiss they hear the deer outside and Gang-tae shouts at it and both of them laugh. Gang-tae confesses his love for her, and she cries at it. She calls because she is finally in love too.

Moon-young also asked Gang-tae about the photo of her in his mother’s tree (family tree). Gang-tae explains that he wants her to be part of the family, and he wanted his mother to know that she is family.

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay: 16th and Final episode.

16th episode starts with a little corny, they are seen in a little inappropriate situation, you know! But it’s sweet. Gang-tae prepares food for Moon-young and than confesses to her that he is going to quit his job and that he is going to study. Gang-tae tells Mun-Yeong that he wants to show off the book she did with Sang-tae.

Moon-Yeong shows a drawing to Gang-tae, the one that Sang-tae drew of his brother. She decided to change the story for publication. Gang-tae tells his brother the good news that his book which he made with Mun-Yeong will be published. Mun-Yeong tells him she can’t buy him a camper van anymore because they don’t wish to move anywhere. 

Lee Sang-in says she isn’t going to publish a book by someone who gave her so much pain on being given a choice between Moon-yeong’s and his mother’s book. With a little drama around the book being left at the cafe and the being Picked up, we see Lee Sang’s maturity in question and left open-ended.

There is also another touching scene from Moon-yeong coming to terms with her mother, not expectation Gang and confronts her in prison. She did try to convince her otherwise, but she was firm this time. Mun-yeong vows to remove her mother from her memory before leaving. Do Hui-Jae (the mother) screams after her stating she cannot erase her “You and I are the same”. Mun-yeong tells her that butterfly symbolizes “cure” before walking out for good. 

Conclusion of the series:

Well, in the end, the brother Sang finally comes into his own, and Gang can let go of him. He said, “Won’t you need me?”. Sang-tae says “Moon Gang-tae belongs to Moon Gang-tae”. In the end, Gang-tae and Moon-yeong focuses back on their road trip. The series then finishes off the book “Finding The Real Face” — the three characters have found their true faces. 

The show based on the book series had an excellent content but brilliant execution. It’s a show about love and acceptance. I loved the chemistry, the drama and the crying. “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” is coming on Netflix now go check it out!  Oh yeah there won’t be any other season. sorry 사이코지만 괜찮아!






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