IVE Gears Up For Their First Comeback With ‘LOVE DIVE’

IVE Gears Up: K-Pop listeners this for you, your favorite band is out with their comeback. The new girl group IVE is working on their comeback as per the latest K-media reports. Starship Entertainment has confirmed the news that ‘ELEVEN’ hitmakers are dropping a new album soon!

This excitement was shared with a poster by Starship for IVE fans to give them a glimpse and leave them in excitement for the coming album. ‘LOVE DIVE’ is the title of the second album of IVE.

IVE Gears Up For Their First Comeback With ‘LOVE DIVE’
We all have a bias! Source: sportskeeda.com

The new K-pop group, IVE made impeccable vocal range, Venus visuals, and powerful performance. They debut in December 2021, but now they are practicing and preparing for the first comeback. Did fans expect them to return so early? No, many fans dint expect to return so early with their new song.

However, fans are fans now they can’t hide their excitement after the comeback announcement.

IVE to Make Their First Comeback With New Album

Everyone know they deserve it.
Fans can’t wait! Source: allkapop.com

Nevertheless, starship Entertainment has confirmed on 14th March that their new girl group IVE is doing a comeback with a new album. ‘LOVE DIVE.’ Not only this but for the fans they have shared a poster too, revealing all the further details regarding the album. On 5th April, at 6 PM KST, ‘LOVE DIVE Will be released.

Let’s talk about the album then the album is filled with the journey with love and romance for the girls. Fans are excited to see the IVE band dive into the romance and live world!


But Starship is yet to drop in teasers, schedules, and concept images. with which we can help better to know more about the album they are coming up with.

Surprise! Surprise! Source: otakukart.com

There are six girls in the group who made their debut on the 1st of December. Names go like Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz, and Leeseo. Yes, we know you know them! Yes, the band was famous way before they even came up with their debut. Being the former keener of IZ*ONE.

On the other hand, unnecessary attraction was given to Leeseo because of her age. They debut with ELEVEN, IVE they broke many records and many awards also came their way for the song.

Till now they 13 music show wins for their debut title track, congratulations to the great start IVE. Plus, the music video has crossed 100 million view count. The number will likely grow with their next release.

Fans are you excited for your favorite band to do a comeback, IVE Gears Up?

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