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Jacob Tremblay Plays Justin Bieber In A New Music Video!

The Room actor, Jacob Tremblay, plays the role of Justin Bieber in his early days, complete with his side-swept hair and his signature purple hoodie. He is giving a glimpse into the early days of his career as a child pop star. On Friday, Benny Blanco, the producer, and Bieber, dropped the latest emotional track of the singer titled, Lonely, which stars a 14 years old actor, Jacob, as young Justin, who is struggling with the pressures of fame.

That clip, which is two and a half minutes long, follows the young actor as Bieber in his My World era, nailing the past look of the singer, with his signature purple hoodie, white jacket and pants ensemble, and ofcourse his iconic side-swept hair. 

Jacob Tremblay plays Justin Bieber in lonely song
Image Source – Insider

Jacob Tremblay Plays Justin Bieber In A New Music Video! Know Details

The video gave a raw look at how lonely life can possibly be as a young star, starting with Tremblay deeply looking at his reflection in the mirror, which he was sitting in an empty dressing room.

The lyrics of the song are really touching, and we want you to have a look at the wordings of the song. 

What if you had it all /With nobody to call /Well maybe then you’d know me,” Bieber sings, as Tremblay plays with a hockey stick. “Cause I’ve heard everything/But no one’s listening/And that’s just f****ng lonely.

The young actor continues to walk around the backstage area as he prepares himself to take the stage. 

Everybody knows my past now/Like my house was always made of glass/And maybe that is the price you pay/For the money and fame at an early age,” Bieber croons. “And everybody saw me sick/, And it felt like no one gave a shit/They criticized the things I did/As an idiot kid.”

Jacob then walks onto the main stage in front of an empty audience, looking out at the vacant seats as Justin sings, “I am so lonely.”

Jacob Tremblay plays Justin Bieber in Lonely song
Image Source – Insider

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As the camera zooms out of the frame, it becomes clear that there is, in fact, one person in the audience, and that is Bieber. Justin Bieber, who is now 26 years old, is seen watching Jacob Tremblay on stage, looking back at his life and the challenges he faced back then as a child star.

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