Janet Hubert Finally Speaks About Will Smith Fight; Felt Like A “Prison”!

Janet Hubert, the actor who originally played the role of Aunt Viv on The Prince of Bel-Air, reveals what it feels like to finally finish her bitter war of words with her new television nephew.

Sixty-four years old Janet Hubert has been trying to salvage her reputation for nearly three decades now. Now, after the online streaming service providing platform of HBO, HBO Max premiered its fresh reunion special, she feels like a wrongfully convicted murder who has at last succeeded in convincing the world that she is innocent.

Since it started streaming on November 19, the fans have watched as Janet Hubert hugged and shed tears with Will Smith, her former on-screen nephew, finally putting a lengthy, bitter feud to bed.

Will Smith and Janet Hubert
Image Source – Insider

She says that people keep asking, how do you feel? And she says like a person who has been in prison for over 27 years, who knew that they did not rob the bank, who knew that they did not kill or murder that prison and everybody have accused you.

Janet Hubert Finally Speaks About Will Smith Fight; Felt Like A “Prison”!

She revealed that Will Smith and she has been corresponding and texting back and forth. It is just wonderful to have this albatross, this weight from around her neck that was only put there by the media, the talk show hosts, the cast.

She has a really good reason to be upset despite fame; when The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was released on screen and burst onto the scene in the year 1990, it was a big hit. While it turned a very young rapper from Philly into a bankable and an Oscar-nominated Hollywood star, it brought her, an acclaimed Broadway actress, legions of fans, and worldwide exposure.

As the aunt of Will Smith, Aunt Viv, she was elegant and poised; she boasted a perfect bone structure, sharp tongue, and quick wit. She did not suffer fools, and she could slay her enemies with a cold glare.

Will Smith and Janet Hubert
Image Source – Insider

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From the fourth season of the series, she was gone, and actress Daphne Maxwell Reid took on the role. Janet said on a reunion special that the misconception of her that she was difficult, haughty, and wanted to be the star of the show.

That bad reputation of her haunted her, and she lost everything, including her home.

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