Japan Sinks:2020 streaming on Netflix is a story about a tragedy and Family. It follows a family as they navigate through a calamity. At times heartbreaking and yet humorous Japan Sinks:2020 is a great watch. Let’s see how it reflects the world’s condition right now.

Japan Sinks Review:

In the initial episodes of this 10 episode series: Little Ayumu is in and the rest of her family is at different places when the earthquake happens. They find each other amidst the chaos and it’s not easy. The narrative is very tragic in the initial stage. The family manages to find each other but it turns out there is a Tsunami threat now, so they have to reach a safe place.

Next in, they explore the struggle of the family to find a new safe place. Along the way to that many people surrounding them die. It’s even more tragic but with the characters of the mom and dad makes it a heartwarming moment. even during the tragedy they the Father- Koichiro has not lost his sense of humor. The mother Mari is a selfless soul who would do anything to protect her children. This part of the story genuinely touched me.


still from Japan Sinks: 2020
courtesy: Netflix

During the final episodes of Japan Sinks, we see the characters grow and learn. Even in tragedy, they have learned something that is to be there for each other. although new tragedies facing their way they seem to have confidence that nothing is irrecoverable. The people of the city Shan showed are also a great reminder that there is some good in the world. No matter the tragedy or problems. It’s also a testimony to the fact that people band together in arms of a tragedy and it a beautiful thing.

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Like the COVID nightmare we are facing right now, this show brings to light the tenacity of humans to overcome any crisis. The way people help each other in a crisis. If you are at home and you want a worthwhile series to watch, I recommend Japan Sinks. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.