Japan Sinks 2020 on Netflix: Here’s What We Think About It

Japan Sinks 2020‘ is originally a disaster novel by Japanese writer Sakyo Komatsu in 1973. Since then many series and films have been made based on it. As of now, due to its popularity, an anime series is released on Netflix.

Japan Sinks: Plot

A series of 10 episodes is released which is animated by Science Saru. The story revolves around the Mutou siblings Ayumu and her brother Gou. Soon after the Tokyo Olympics 2020, a disastrous earthquake hits Japan. It causes widespread casualties and great devastation. So, Mutou and Gou try to escape the city along with their family and friends.

Deaths and just more deaths?

In Japan Sinks 2020, death looms over every episode, though the killing main and supporting cast members at a steady pace yields diminishing returns. If you expect death to be around every corner, death becomes just another feature of the corner. The death and loss depicted become so repetitive that the series verges on exploitation.

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However, the messages behind those deaths are again appealing. Although a natural disaster should be indiscriminate in who it affects, most characters unwillingly killed by the earthquakes expressed greed, regret, or gluttony shortly before dying. With this context, the earthquakes felt more like rapturous cleansings than disasters. Nevertheless, Masaaki Yuasa’s choices make it clear that he holds a deep affection for his country.

Is it binge-worthy?

Among all the harsh catastrophic conditions, the most beautiful thing described in the series is the family bond. The whole series slows things down and allows Ayumu and her brother to connect as siblings and go into reminiscence. Japan Sinks 2020 also portrays the optimism which holds all the family members together in rough times. Also, we may see each member expressing their affection and compassion to one another.

The direction is amazing and the musical cues make every episode visually strong too. The series shows the actual horror which is caused when a nation faces mass deaths. Just as everyone survives a disaster, the environmental causal effects of it will trigger another accident.

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Thus its a series of domino effect type crucial situations that the people have to endure. Also, with the current pandemic situation in the world, it strikes the horror correctly and you would be able to feel the pain. Thus, Japan Sinks 2020 truly speaks to how terrifying it is that the planet is so fragile in many ways.

Japan Sinks 2020 will keep you engrossed and you will satisfactorily enjoy the journey. It is binge-worthy and is streaming on Netflix.

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