Japan Sinks 2020: Producer Reveals Plot Details

Japan Sinks, a science-fiction anime is all set to premiere on Netflix on July 9. Sakyo Komatsu created the novel which Masaaki Yuasa has now adapted into anime. On the same day, Mangamo will host the anime’s official manga adaptation. Mangamo is an online manga subscription app.

Nori Ueki will produce the anime. This will mark his first anime debut. He told us that the story of the manga is very relevant to the current times and the appreciation for “normal life.”

Japan Sinks: Synopsis

Japan Sinks is a science fiction manga. In this manga, a catastrophic earthquake devastates Japan. One family is tested on a journey of survival through the sinking archipelago as the disastrous shifting of a fault in the Japan Trench places the country in danger of being swallowed by the sea.

Yusuke Sasano is the co-founder and head of business development and content partnerships at Mangamo. He told us that this anime will spark the imaginations of people all around the world. Nori Ueki said that his motivation was the original novel which led him to explore new and different story arcs and characters.

Japan Sinks 2020
Source: animenetworks.com

Mangamo is an online manga subscription app that allows users to enjoy ad-free unlimited access to legally licensed and professionally localized titles. The app is available for US and Canadian users. It launched on April 15 for iOS devices. US$4.99 is the subscription cost per month.

Mangamo will release more than 300 titles and 1,000 manga volumes between April and June. Some of these mangas are Attack on Titan, Somali and the Forest Spirit, Fire Force, Arte, Dropkick on My Devil!, Akatsuki Babies, Reset Game, and Daily Meteor Strike.

Mangamo is created by executives from Hulu, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and VIZ. Mangamo currently has 11 publisher partners including Kodansha, Comicsmart, TOPPAN, and North Star Pictures.




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