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Javi Marroquin’s Girlfriend Shares A Post About An “Ending”: Did He Really Cheat?

Lauren Comeau raised her eyebrows with a cryptic post in the wake of the latest cheating attempt allegation against her boyfriend, Javi Marroquin. It was one day after Kailyn Lowry accused Javi, her ex-husband, of allegedly telling her that he wants to f*** her on October 14 episode of the second season of Teen Mom.

Lauren shared an important message on her Instagram story about an important phase in her life, which she referred to as “ending.”

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Is Lauren finally listening ??

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The horoscope message began and said that the Universe is saying to you today that an important phase is going to end in her life. It was shared by Lauren on October 15, and the horoscope continued that this necessary ending will be leading you to find your true path of life and purpose, which you are prompted to undertake fully.

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Javi Marroquin’s Girlfriend Shares A Post About An “Ending”: Did He Really Cheat? | Know Details

It added and said that keep up with the positive energies and expect further fulfillment, prosperity, and happiness to enter your life. While it is still not clear whether or not Lauren posted this as a hint of her current status with her boyfriend Javi, as the recent accusation that was made against her boyfriend was certainly shocking.

On the Wednesday episode of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn claimed that Javi was giving her a difficult time since she had proposed a new trade-off system in which both of them meet halfway to exchange their six years old son Lincoln. Kailyn also told Patrick, the producer of Teen Mom 2, on the show, that Javi texted her too, Oh, I am not going to do anything for you because you are mean to Lauren and me.

Kailyn then insisted that she has no personal beef with Lauren and said that she leaves her alone, she does not talk about her, and she have liked it that way.

Javi Marroquin
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However, Kailyn then accuses her ex, Javi, of trying to “f–k” her while Lauren was at home with their son Eli, 1. He opened the door and said, ‘I want to f*** you,’ plain and simple. I said, ‘Bye, Javi.’ And she has all the text messages of him trying to meet up,” Kailyn alleged, adding, “You’re willing to come to Middleton, to f*** me, but you won’t come to Middleton to meet me to get your son. Or even drive halfway to get your son. Only if it sexually benefits you. Now you’re disrespectful, and I’m going to disrespect the f–k out of you.”

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