Jennifer Garner Gets Emotional After Watching The Office Finale; Clip Inside

The new Instagram video of the Alias star, Jennifer Garner, has gone viral, as the video features her emotional reaction to finishing her first-ever watch-through of The Office. She uploaded the clip on the social media platform, Instagram, where it has got over two million views. Alongside the footage, Jennifer wrote that she and her kids have spent months sitting on the couch, working their way through ‘How to Behave as Grownups’ #TheOffice.

Jennifer Garner
Image Source – Entertainment Tonight

She added that apparently, they are sensitive people, and the finale of the series hit them pretty hard. When she realized that she’d accidentally shot her farewell testimonial in slow motion, she realized that your Monday might need this too.

Jennifer Garner gets emotional after watching The Office Finale.

In the video, Jennifer Garner was seen wearing a Dunder Muffin T-shirt, which the fans of The Office will obviously be able to recognize as a reference to the company featured in the series. The actor was seen breaking down in tears in slo-mo. Well, this crying oh her was the response of reaching the end of the series she was binge-watching, The Office. You can watch the video below.


Garner narrates over the video that you will never guess which show she watched along with her kids, one episode per day throughout the quarantine. The show literally ended up giving them some really big feelings. She added that look who needs a big cry or probably a shower might be proven helpful, but it feels nice to know that you are still able to feel so much passionate about something in life. Lastly, she said that if you have ever in life heard about the show, The Office, and then you should try watching it, as the exhibit is wonderful and you’ll definitely get attached to the characters of the show.


Jennifer Garner
Image Source – Entertainment Tonight

At the end of the video footage, she concluded the video by saying one of the most repeated lines of the series, “Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica.” All the nine seasons of the show, The Office, are available to watch on Now TV in the United Kingdom. Also, the show is made available to stream on the online streaming service providing platform, Amazon Prime Video.

Her reaction was completely justified as such a classic show with an amazing cast will surely be missed by the actors and the audience alike!

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