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Jim Parsons: Real Reason Why He Gave Up Big Bang Theory

Jim Parsons revealed what really motivated him to walk away from the very popular sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. The news of the ending of the long-running CBS sitcom broke out in the year 2018. The show was ending with twelve seasons. This news baffled a lot of fans of the series as the network confirmed their intention to order one more year of the series. Not very long after that, reports revealed that the show was wrapping because the one who plays Sheldon Cooper, Parsons, was no longer interested in returning for the thirteenth season.

Jim Parsons left The Big Bang Theory
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What was the real reason due to which Jim Parsons gave up on the Big Bang Theory?

Jim Parsons remained silent about his decision for some time, and he opened up about it after The Big Bang Theory came to an end in May 2019. He shared that there is never really an excellent time to quit the show because the cast and crew of the series have grown incredibly close working together since the year 2017. Jim believed that they had done everything in the series. Instead of stretching it for the sake of keeping the show on the air, he decided that it was the best time for him to end.

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Jim Parsons | Why he left The Big Bang Theory
Image Source – The Digital Spy

During the time when he played Sheldon Cooper, Jim and his co-stars became one of the highest-paid television actors. This reason was not enough for him to continue the show, and it turned out that there were many other things happening in his life that forced him to let go of the show. One of the unfortunate events that occurred in his life is the death of his beloved dog.


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