Joaquin Phoenix And Todd Phillips To Team Up Once Again For Joker 2?

DC Comics‘ supervillain movie ‘Joker‘ (2019) starring actor Joaquin Phoenix in the lead, witnessed tremendous success at the box office. From getting high praises by the critic’s side for Phoenix’s brilliant portrayal of Joker to crazy audience reaction…this film literally stole the 2019 Hollywood’s best film title.

Joker also won Phoenix the best actor trophy at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes and the BAFTA Awards.

Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips

No wonder that the makers are now planning to come back with a sequel of the movie. Todd Phillips is all set to return on the director’s seat and will write the screenplay along with Scott Silver for the sequel.

Joker 2: Plot Prediction-

The sequel might introduce Joker as a hardcore villain who’ll be behind the destruction of the Gotham City.

Another exciting part can relate to a scene from the first film, indicating Bruce (Batman) and Arthur (Joker) as stepbrothers. So the fans can bet that they’ll see Batman making an appearance in the Joker sequel.

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The makers can also end up merging The Batman and The Joker franchise as both these characters seem to have a huge role to play in each other’s life.

Another major question in the minds of the fans is: Who will be the antagonist of Arthur’s life?

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

The supervillain from the upcoming Batman movie, The Riddler, might also make an appearance in the sequel as Joker’s partner in crime.

There’s no official confirmation regarding the sequel as of now. Guess the fans will have to wait for some time to know more about Joker’s sequel.

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