John Boyega Feels Star Wars Sequel Didn’t Do Justice To Him And Finn. Know Why!

Actor John Boyega did the right thing by being openly critical of Finn’s treatment in the trilogy of Disney’s Star Wars. He gave an unfiltered and candid interview and didn’t even try to hide the displeasure over the way of treatment of his character Finn in the Star Wars sequels. The trio of the Star Wars films met with vocal criticism for its story, largely responsible for the resurrection of the franchise that was once fading, often neglecting the important and future groundbreaking characters. Finn is a chief among all those groundbreaking characters, according to John.

John Boyega
Image Source – CNN

The conversation of the actor surrounding the treatment of his character Finn in Star Wars is notably at that moment in history, in which the world is steeped into social resistance and frustrations. These unresting frustrations go far beyond the present world-altering pandemic. It is followed by the recent deaths and violence faced by George Floyd and many others. A big movement, Black Lives Matter, has managed to illuminate great inequities around the globe and the nation. There would hardly be any house left which can be counted as an exception.

John Boyega revealed that his character Finn had not been justified.

Boyega also stated while speaking of the fan-backlash that at the time of his initial casting as the character Finn, nobody else from the cast members said that they were going to boycott the movie. The reason behind this was they were in the movie, a part of it. Nobody from the cast had an experience of getting death threats to their Instagram handles, saying that you should not be a Stormtrooper. The actor added that still, the people are surprised that he is this way, it is his frustration.

The feelings of the actor undoubtedly intensified, when in the proceeding plots, his character was gradually moved away from the focus. Finn was not getting as much narration as one might like to get. It was not that the character of Finn and the actor who played that character deserved.

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John Boyega
Image Source – CNN

The character of John Boyega, Finn was all over The Force Awakens before he made his way to the silver screen. He was a marketing material at that time, a lightsaber in the hands, and carried a confidence that indicated a new and exciting direction for the franchise. By all the metrics, the story of Finn should be the centre of the plot of The Force Awakens.


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