Joy Behar Of The View Abruptly Ends Interview With GOP Candidate | Know Details

There was an environment of high tensions during the Friday episode of The View, which resulted in a swift end to the co-hosts’ interview with the GOP candidate, Kim Klacik.

Kim, the current Republican nominee for the 7th congressional district of Maryland, had just finished addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, when the interview became heated. Klacik asserted that the administration of President Bill Clinton had been responsible for sending biotech and manufacturing jobs overseas years ago. This resulted in a lack of preparedness to handle the pandemic in the United States this year.

The View | Interview Ended Abruptly
Image Source – CNN

In this article we have attached the link to the broadcast of Friday which was uploaded by Alex Salvi. You can watch the entire exchange by clicking the link given below.

The View’s Joy Behar Abruptly Ends Interview With GOP Candidate After Heated Exchange

Joy Behar, the co-host of the show then pointed out that President Trump recently admitted to withholding information from the American public regarding the severity of the coronavirus. Trump told journalist Bob Woodward that he wanted to always play it down, he still likes playing it down, because he does not want to create a panic. This information is based on the audio recorded for the new book of Bob Woodward, Rage.

The View | Interview Ended Abruptly
Image Source – CNN

Behar said that you have to put some blame on your president. “You’re putting it on something extraneous here. Speak to the point, please. The guy lied.” But in the response of Klacik, she called Behar and referencing a 2016 episode of The View in which Behar showed an old Halloween photo of her “beautiful African woman” costume from that year, the same Joy that paraded around in blackface not too long ago. At that time, Behar admitted to wearing makeup that was a bit darker than my skin for the getup.

As Behar insisted to Klacik that her Halloween costume had been a homage, adding that “the Black community had my back,” the co-host Sunny Hostin jumped in to remind Klacik that the Black community did not vote for her in special election against Democrat Kweisi Mfume April. “What planet are you living on?” Hostin asked Klacik repeatedly, turning her chair away from the camera

Behar ultimately wrapped the interview early, which prompted Klacik to respond, “That was very immature, but thank you for having me.”

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