Jujutsu Kaisen O Anime Film Casts A New Voice Actor!

Jujutsu Kaisen O is an upcoming anime film based on the popular manga series Jujutsu Kaisen O. Since the announcement, fans have received numerous details. Updates and progress reports also via various social media platforms. All of this has just heightened fans’ anticipation for the film’s premiere. A famous voice actor for a major character in the movie was recently cast.

Who Has Been Cast To Voice Jujutsu Kaisen O Film Character Rika Orimoto?

In every anime, voice actors play a crucial role. After all, they are the ones who give the voices to the popular anime characters. It isn’t easy to find the appropriate voice actor for a character. However, the official website of Jujutsu Kaisen O just announced that voice actor Kana Hanazawa had been cast to voice Rika Orimoto.

The announcement was made on Friday. Since then, fans have been buzzing as the film’s premiere approaches.


When Will Be The Premiere Of Jujutsu Kaisen O Anime Film?

After the first season’s finale episode, it was announced that the anime would be adapted into a film. The film will be released in Japan on December 24. The film takes place before the main plot’s events. Fans eagerly anticipate the animation and the voices of characters like Rika Orimoto and others.

What Happened In the Anime Series?

The story is set a year before Itadori. Yuta Okkotsu is the main character. We haven’t seen Yuta yet in Jujutsu Kaisen season 1. Other characters, on the other hand, frequently refer to him and prior events. Since Yuta was cursed by his childhood friend Rika. Satoru Gojo has taken him to Jujutsu High. She is designated as Special Grade. Therefore, this is no ordinary curse. Due to her great might, Yuta has no idea how to handle or use her. Meanwhile, Suguru Geto is hunting for Yuta Okkotsu, focused on Rika to add to his collection of cursed spirits, setting up a clash with Gojo Satoru, his former best friend.

Who Is Rika Orimoto in Jujutsu Kaisen O?

Rika Orimoto is a Jujutsu Kaisen 0 key character. She was Yuta Okkotsu‘s childhood friend. Rika, unfortunately, died when she was hit by a car. Her spirit was cursed. She became a powerful special grade, vengeful cursed spirit deserving of the moniker “Queen of Curses.” Rika had been haunting Yuta as a curse for years until he went to Tokyo Jujutsu High and learned to break the spell on Rika’s spirit. That spell allowed her to pass on to the afterlife finally.

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More About Jujutsu Kaisen O!

Whether it’s from the pages of the original manga, the first season of the anime adaptation, or the film, Jujutsu Kaisen always provides fans something to look forward to. Following the premiere of the film, season 2 of the series will be released. The purpose of the prequel film is to flesh out the character. Before he makes his formal appearance in the anime’s upcoming seasons. The second season, as well as the film, are now in progress.

Therefore, fans are looking forward to the release of both the film and the second season to see what happens next.

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