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Julie And Phantoms Netflix: Trailer Hints Unique Plot Details!

The director of High Scool Musical, Kenny Ortega, is on his way to bring a new series to you on the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix. This series looks like it will be having the same amount of colorful characters and those catchy tunes that were there in his previous work. The name of the new project is Julie and the Phantoms, and it focusses on a young girl who discovers her love for music again in a rather unorthodox fashion.

Julie and The Phantoms
Image Source – Netflix

Also, the series features Paul Becker, the choreographer from the Descendants. This article will be providing you with all the information that is required, be it the release date of the series, information about the cast, trailer release, and the ultimate guide to the upcoming series of Netflix.

Julie and The Phantoms will be releasing on the online streaming platform, Netflix, on September 10, Thursday. The series will be consisting of a total of nine episodes, and the length of each of the episode will be half-hour.

Netflix described the show as an exciting and fresh musical series that will be embracing the ups and downs of your life, following your dreams, and also discovering the power of your own voice. It centers upon the life of Julie, a high school student whose interest in music fell dull after the sudden and tragic death of her mother. The series features the journey of Julie to rediscover her love and passion for music when she finds the ghost of three young musicians in the old recording studio of her mother.

Julie and The Phantoms
Image Source – Netflix

Julie, along with the three ghosts, creates a band and name it, Julie and The Phantoms. It is expected that the series will be featuring severe new songs and dance routines. Also, it will be boasting a breakout hit or two without any doubt.

Julie and The Phantoms Cast

  • Madison Reyes as Julie
  • Charlie Gillespie as Luke
  • Owen Joyner as Alex
  • Jadah Marie as Flynn
  • Savannah Lee May as Carrie
  • Booboo Stewart as Willie
  • Marci T. House as Mrs. Harrison
  • Cheyenne Jackson as Caleb Covington
  • Victoria Caro as Kayla
  • Vicky Lambert as Mrs. Kelly

Has the Trailer of The Musical Journey Released?

The official trailer of the show has been released, and an additional taste of the band performing the acoustic version of Edge of Great was featured in it. If you have not watched the trailer yet, then you can watch the trailer from the link given below.


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