Jurassic World 3 Can Be Give A Good Closure If These Mistakes From Jurassic Park III Are Not Repeated

The first and original “Jurassic Park” movie made it to the big screen more than 25 years ago. Still, even now, a mention of the Tyrannosaurus rex brings to mind (for many of us, at least) the brown-green, scaly monster that roars like a lion in that particular film.

When Steven Spielberg made the Hollywood blockbuster, paleontologists didn’t know much about the T. rex; only seven or maybe eight skeletons existed in the fossil records. Since then, more than a dozen T. rex skeletons have been found in the fossils, that helped in changing our understanding of the creatures.

Jurassic Park
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What Mistakes the previous parts of Jurassic Park made?

Now, the scientists are aware that the T. rex was likely colorful and the bird-like, preferring opportunistic scavenging to chase down the prey.

“It’s possible that it may have feathers, it was pink, and danced to attract mates,” paleontologist Jack Horner, who served as the advisor of science for the five consecutive “Jurassic Park” movies, told Business Insider. “That’s a pretty big change from what we see in the movies.”

Similar factual inconsistencies apply to the other dinosaurs depicted in the films, too. For example, paleontologists now know that the long-necked Brachiosaurus didn’t have elephant-like feet. The Dilophosaurus didn’t spit venom, and raptors probably had the beginnings of feathered wings.

Jurassic Park
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Paleontologists have discovered since the first Jurassic Park movie came out, that many dinosaurs not only had feathers but also some of them have developed the beginnings of wings. Horner stated that they knew feathers were for display, as the muscles in their tail helped wave, wiggle, and flaunt their feathers.

In the Jurassic Park movies, we witnessed that T. Rex chomps down on other dinosaurs and cars and shaking the victim side to side.

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