K-pop bands: Here’s something for fans!

K-pop bands: Fandom is something magical, we want to watch them 24/7, know what they are doing, How they live, like everything! And then suddenly a show comes up with our favorite k-pop band, being all candid on camera!

Remember those eye-catching visuals, stage presence, killer dance moves, as well as captivating personality which dove you in the magical universe of being a K-pop fan, because these factors make our k-pop or idol!

Fan know their journey!

So there are many shows produced by a lot of k-pop bands, it’s like giving a chance to the audience to know them better and their music closely.

Do you have a bias in your favorite k-pop group? Of course Yes! Who doesn’t right?

These shows are like a source of entertainment too, which get you a closer look at your bias, hanging out together, playing a variety of games together and jokes- lets us know them better and fall for everything about them.

Don’t forget these shows are like bonus points to us because they tell us more about their personal lives, Behind the scenes, and much more exciting activities they do around each other on set or at home!

Here are some shows by your favorite K-pop bands- ready to fall in love?

10. Level Up Project! (2017-present)

Your favorite Red Velvet- “Level Up Project” started in 2017 and is producing episodes to date, they have produced 139 episodes to date in all.

This show has three different seasons which were shot in Bangkok, Yeosu, Slovenia, respectively. There is a spin-off series titled “Level Up Thrilling Project” which is featuring Irene and Seulgi- shot in the Capital of South Korea- Seoul.

The best part about this show is if you haven’t watched it yet you don’t have to watch all the previous seasons to understand the latest one.

You might find it fun if you are a Red Velvet fan! This show showcases the k-pop idols traveling different places in between the music promotions. You all can watch this show on Rakuten Viki for free.

It's a bond
It’s a bond we share! Source: k-pop pictures

9. Twice TV (2015-present)

It’s a web reality show that showcases the members getting involved in many adventures that they come in their day-to-day lives, more than just photoshoots, songs recordings playing fun games. The show has six seasons spanning over 67 episodes. This show is available on V Live free of cost.

You have us: Fans!
Fans make us! Source; kpopwallpaper

8. Real GOT7 (2014-2017)

Won’t you love it if your favorite k-pop group shows your their hidden sides out? Undertaking various challenging activities such as making cocktails dropping on us, behind the scenes footage in which they are seen having fan sings, concerts, and photo shoots. There are 4 seasons with 40 short episodes- which will surely make you laugh! You can watch this show on V Live App.

Know us better!
They know us much better than anyone: our fans! Source: kpopwallpaper

7. Super TV (2018)

It’s a complete package of all you would like to watch your k-pop idols do for you!
With the success of “SJ RETURN”, they returned back with “Super TV” with a new-amazing concept. It has aired 2 seasons with 12 episodes which exciting entertaining activities. It’s a mixture of talk shows, game shows, quiz shows, filming, comedy, reality, documentary, and sports.

We all are one!
We all are together in this! Source: kpopwallpaper

6. Wanna One Go (2017)

fans stand with us!
They are with us! Source: kpop music

This features the winners of the survival reality show, ‘Produce 101 seasons 2, ‘wanna One Go’ is a must watch! Even if the members aren’t together anymore there are so many memories they have left for us. They talk about all the in and out they found out about each other, for example, who is most hygienic and who walks around naked. They also do funny things for their fans.

5. iKON TV (2018)

This is a show where everyone acts like a director of the show, with getting an opportunity to head the production and concept of an episode. These are available on YouTube for free, what’s more fun than getting to know more about your favorite k-pop with pranks they played to their schedules!!

We support each other!
Support is what we live for! Source: wallpers

4. BTS In the Soop (2020-2021)

Army won’t get over this show every even if it’s on a repeat, btw, ‘BTS In the Scoop’ is therapeutic that can bring you healing to the viewers. The show showcases the boys going out for vacations in their free time away from their busy schedules. There are some amazing activities, games and many more amazing surprises are there for the fans! There are 2 seasons that can be watched exclusively on BTS Weverse.

We are family!
Family we are! Source: bighitwallpaper

3. MONSTA X-RAY (2017-present)

There is no ending to entertainment, this show is a full package of it. This shows the level of bond each member hold in the group. The laughter starts when the boys take up the games and the challenges, in there are 3 seasons 22 episodes that cover the most amazing moments we can ever think of. This is easily available on V Live Channel, this show includes fun like wearing traditional Korean dresses, an amazing day at daycare, many more things. Go and watch more about it.

Music attach us!
Music connects us! Source: musickpop

2. Going SEVENTEEN (2017-present)

Gose, the fandom of the Going SEVENTEEN has is amazing and mesmerizing, they show many games and competitions against each other or in teams. It shows the role-play, skits, and many behind-the-scenes of the group. Currently, 5th season is going with the 165th episode, it’s not too late to catch the race! You can easily find the episodes on the V Live app.

Knowing each other better!
They are with us, Forever! Source: kpopmusic

1. Run BTS (2015-present)

So excited to be back to Army’s, one of the most loved boys not only their fandom but the globe! They have amazing achievements to flex about. This is one of the most loved shows by the fan and for the fans! This show is the package of everything that one wants to watch from their favorite k-pop group. Or the amount of time their want to spend watching their Bais and favorite k-pop band.

This show is the combination of many exciting games, competitions with each other or in teams, cooking together! This shows the bond each member shares in the group, it’s one of the most entertaining shows. The laughter has no boundaries because you have the master of Dad’s jokes in this group! It’s the third season with 156 episodes.

Knowing we are one!
We are living for army! Source: bighitwallpaper

Do let us know in the comments section which is your favorite k-pop band!.

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