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Karla Mosely Officially Quits The CBS Drama “The Bold And The Beautiful”; Bids Adieu To Her Character Maya Avant!

Karla says goodbye to Maya Avant

Maya Avant fans were eager to see her back on screen after almost a year-long break on the popular Drama “The Bold and the Beautiful”. Previously the show featured Maya’s brother-in-law return to L.A., and the show just mentioned ill-natured her father, Julian. In the same time frame, the actress came ahead on Instagram and confirmed that she would not be continuing her role as the first regular transgender, Maya Avant. “While I was disappointed that she wasn’t honoured with a goodbye that matched the importance of her presence on the show, I also know that that’s how it goes.”

Karla Mosely
Karla Mosely (Source: GettyImages)

The actress was also equally grateful for her role and the love she has received throughout the years. “Because of her, we saw the first wedding and series regular spot for a Trans character on US TV and the first Black family in the history of bold and beautiful. Thanks for your love and support over the years!” is what the actress said during one of her interviews.

The character of “Maya.” 

Karla first appeared as Maya on Bold and Beautiful in 2013, who came to the town looking for her daughter. Being a successful supermodel and having romanced the Rick Forrester, Maya made a bold statement when she revealed that she was transgender. It was initially to blackmail her sister; later on, it was a strong personality statement for Maya.

Karla on the show as Maya Avant (Source: CBS)

More about “The Bold and the Beautiful”

The Bold and The Beautiful (B&B) is an American television soap opera that features on CBS Network. The ensemble consists of John McCook as Eric Forrester and Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan. Originally the show premiered long ago in 1987, and since then it has become the most-watched soap in the world. In the Nielsen Ratings, this drama leads at second position. There is no doubt the show has numerous awards, including 31 Daytime Emmys. 

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