Keep Your Hand Off Eizouken! Live-Action: Filming Will Start Again in September.

Hello Guys, wassup? Hope all doing great and are safe. Today, it’s all about Keep Your Hand Off Eizouken! The last we heard about it was the show getting off-air due to COVID apocalypse. But, today there’s an update on it getting aired again. A special video streamed on the official website for a Live-Action project of Keep Your Hand Off Eizouken! The video promoted the film version that is to be made of the Sumito Ōwara’s manga series. Apart from this the video also officiated the airing date of the film which is 25th September.

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Keep Your Hand Off Eizouken! Affected by COVID 19

The film was, previously set to release and hit the theatres on 19th May. However, the film production committee and TOHQ decided to shift the release date due to the pandemic. So, the movie was delayed until further notice of release is issued by TOHQ.

There are 6 episodes that premiered on TV on April 5 on MBS and on TBS on 7th April. Moreover, the cast and characters in the movie and TV are the same.

Fantasy turned Reality (Image: Anime News Network)

The Plot

The live-Action project of Keep Your Hand Off Eizouken is inspired by the manga series of the same name. The story follows the life of Tsubame, Midori, and Sayaka in the Eizouken which is a Video Research Club. They joined the Eizouken to live their dream, to be an Anime creator. Midori was scared to make an anime alone. However, Tsubame was super energetic and confident to do so. Hence, she joined hands with Midori to help her. Moreover, Sayaka, best friend of Midori was interested in Finance. So, she joined hands with both of them.

Work Hard To make Dream Come True ( Image: Anime Anime Global)

The Cast of Live-Action Keep Your Hand Off Eizouken!

The stars that are part of the live-action project of Keep Your Hand Off Eizouken are the Nogizaka46 idol group. Mizuki Yamashita, Asuka Saitō, and Minami Umezawa will portray the characters Tsubame Mizusaki, Midori Asakusa, and Sayaka Kanamori.

The Journey from Manga to Film

Õwara published the manga Keep your hand off Eizouken in Shogakukan’s Gekkan! Spirits magazine in 2016. Moreover, Masaaki Yuasa and Science SARU made an anime-inspired by the manga series. And it got premiered in North America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, etc.

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