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Kengan Omega Chapter 92 Details

Kengan Omega: Earlier, before the battle gets more, even Agito was bursting Lutian and tearing him apart. Lutain responded with a hummer’s fist that became Agito’s face. The two rose to exchange powerful blows without blocking. At the stand, other Kengan Omega Association fighters shocked to see the differences of powerful blows. Koga also surprised, and he is not sure what he is seeing. The first eye helps him to know every technique that is befalling quickly inside the ring. He is not aware that he posses that power.

The battle becomes confusing for everyone inside the building since they can’t tell who is winning or losing. Agito and Lutian manage to keep their ground standing in a fighting mode.

Kengan Omega Chapter 92, Release Date and Recap:

Kengan Omega Chapter 92 will be released on Thursday, 7 January 2021. This Manga publishes a new chapter every Thursday. And except it changes its weekly schedule. Check the recent update of the battle here, Kengan Omega Chapter 91

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 91

Earlier, the commentators declare that five minutes already passed. And the fight is still 50/50. Agito determined to move back so that he can get a fortune to get an opening for his counterattack. Lutian charges if Agito marked the dispute between them. Agito remembers when he survived the Gu chamber. Also, and become a student of Tokita Niko. He understands that he trained hard. And he has better methods than Lutian since he managed to escape the Chambers.

Lutian tells Agito that it’s Tokita Niko who has left the Niko style. Niko was Agito and Lutian’s teacher, and he helps them master the ultimate technique called formless. Lutian said that he is the one who has master amorphous processes better, and he knows the reason why it is undeveloped. He claims that he can use it better than Agito. Agito decided that he has to prove Lutian wrong and show him the real power of his martial arts.


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