Kerbal Space Program 2: All The Latest Updates You Need To Know

Kerbal Space Program, the space flight simulation video game is geared up to return with its second edition ‘Kerbal Space Program 2.’ The announcement regarding the sequel was made at Gamescon in 2019.

With the release date coming closer, new updates are coming up every day. So here is every essential information you need to know about the upcoming version.

New Updates introduced in Kerbal Space Program 2 –

The second edition of the game is in development under a different developer. The fans can expect to see some new changes in the game. While the first installment was introduced by Squad, the second installment is coming from the banner of Star Theory Games.

The original members from the team Nate Robinson, Jeremy Ables, and Nate Simpson, will continue their venture with the game series.

The overall gameplay is probably going to be the same. Few prime features from the first edition will be set in its exact form, such as the support for mods. The upcoming edition will also have a much-improved mod support, which will enable the players to have better control over their gameplay.

Kerbal Space Program 2 will also be supporting the multiplayer feature. Players will initiate their campaign on the Kerbin Planet. They will have to construct spacecraft and rockets at the Space Centre.

The latest development is that the players will now have access to go beyond the Kerbol System and explore new planets. Players will also be able to create colonies with suitable living conditions for the Kerbals.

The game might be a little challenging to play at first, but the fans will surely enjoy the new update once they get their hands set on it.

Release Date of Kerbal Space Program 2

The initial set release date for the game was mid of 2020. But due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, the makers have pushed the release date to the fall of 2021.

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