Kingdom Season 3; Expectations, Renewal Status, And Netflix Release Date

Just after the second season of the Korean horror series, the fans will be even more ravenous to see the series return for the third season. Well, we are still waiting for the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix, to confirm that Kingdom Season 3 is happening, but that would not stop us speculating on what we can expect from the third season of the Korean horror series.

It s a Netflix Original South Korean horror series which is written by Kim Eun-hee. Also, we would like to tell you that the series is based on the book titled Land of the Gods, which was also written by Kim Eun-hee. The first season of the series arrived in the year 2019; the horror series has become one of the most popular non-English titles that are available to stream on the streaming giant.

Kingdom Season 3
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We are now over seven months on since the release of the second season of the Kingdom on Netflix, and we are still yet to hear any news that the series has been renewed for another season.

Kingdom Season 3 | Expectations, Renewal Status, And Netflix Release Date

However, it is certain that our confidence that the series will be returning has greatly increased after the confirmation that the series is going to return with a special bonus episode, exploring the character of Gianna Jun, which is portrayed by Jun Ji-Hyun. It has been recently confirmed that Kingdom: Ashin of the North will be coming to the streaming giant in the year 2021.

We are still confident despite the lack of renewal that the series is going to return for a third season. Our confidence has only been bolstered more since the screenwriter Kim Eun-hee was interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter.

Kingdom Season 3
Image Source – Insider

While we would rather avoid talking about the subject, coronavirus is the giant in the room. The ongoing global pandemic has shut down all manner of businesses, sporting events, theatrical releases, and even the postponement of filming for the Netflix Originals.

Grace and Frankie have halted production for the seventh season, and Russian Doll had been scheduled to begin shooting for the second season at the end of March but has since been postponed.

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As we’ve speculated above, coronavirus could greatly impact the production of the third season, which means we could see the series delayed by at least a few months.

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