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King’s Raid Anime: Cast And Other Details Revealed

A Television anime conversion is a nightmare for most of the writers, creators, and game developers. So, King’s Raid RPG mobile game is going to release its anime series. Let’s discuss more about the series and the game in this post.

The anime series, King’s Raid: Successors of The Will, is going to release in October 2020. The anime series will cover the original story but will be different from the game. The series is directed by Makoto Hoshino and is written by Megumi Shimizu.

King’s Raid
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Cast of King’s Raid Anime Series

  • Takuma Terashima as Clause
  • Shun Horie as Theo
  • Juri Nagatsuma as Selene
  • Takako Tanaka as Ophelia
  • Kentaro Ito as Marduk
  • Yūki Takada as Reina
  • Riho Iida as Elise
  • Mitsuki Nakae as Scarlet
  • Mika Kanda as Demia
  • Emi Hirayama as Lorraine
  • Ryotaro Okiayu as Dominicus
  • Moe Toyota as Jane
  • Masaya Matsukaze as Kyle
  • Sakura Nakamura as Maria
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King’s Raid is a free-to-start mobile video game, which was developed by South Korean developer, VESPA, and Thailand company GloHow. The game was officially released on September 19, 2016, for both Android and iOS in Thailand. The anime series was animated by Oriental Light and Magic studio, and Sunrise Beyond.

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King’s Raid
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In this game, players are allowed to create their party having characters of their own choice. The game features a real-time PvP arena. PvP are the shown areas in which teams of contestants can fight against each other in deathmatch-style.

It also includes different types of raid battles with 3D graphics. The game supports several languages except English like, French, German, Russian, Thai, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and also Spanish.

You can watch the official teaser of the series here. The teaser of the series announced in February 2020, the series succeeded a global name upon its launch.

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