Koei Tecmo On Cyberattack, Official Website Shuts Down

Rightly said, Where there’s a will, there’s always away. We have witnessed several times in our life when we get to climb on the successful floors there comes thousands of obstacles in our path. Well, it seems the same for Video game maker company Koei Tecmo, who has recently undergone through cyberattack and now it is undergoing several types of investigation. So If you need to get complete detail about this, kindly read this article till its end.

Koei Tecmo Cyberattack full details

Koei Tecmo was a Japanese company that used to make adventures video games and anime. After making several successful endeavours, Japan due to some internal conflicts needed to ban the company and then its sister company that was established in Korea was then regarded as the Korean Koei Tecmo company.

According to the investigating reports, the cyberattack started taking place nearly on Christmas Eve when everyone was busy doing shopping, exchanging gift.

According to the reports, the company’s almost 65,000 users account details have been hacked and all the credentials details are being leaked. Although the company’s website and a large number of database information have been leaked the company has assured it’s users that all the important credentials like credit card information, pin codes, passwords are still safe and there are no harmful effects on the account details of users. Also, it is said that users who can still access the account, should change their passwords as soon as possible.

Precautionary steps were taken by Koei Tecmo

To take precautionary steps, the company Koei Tecmo has shut down its both the websites one of Korean and the second one of America. Now after completing all the investigating surveys, the company will open its website for further purpose.

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