Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2: Has Netflix Renewed It Already?

Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2: Holla Anime Fans! Let’s go for another amazing series dive in. Trying to relate to someone else’s life? Yes! Then why don’t you relate to this series!? You will get an amazing bumble of surprises!

Have you ever thought of being a neighbor of a little boy who is independent and lives life more organized than us?

Friendship doesn't have age gap..
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The animated series, Kotaro Lives Alone (Kotarō wa Hitori Gurashi) depicts the life of a small boy living alone. He is four years old living in a shabby apartment. Based on the Mami Sumaru manga, the Japanese animated series, broadcasted in 2021, on Asahi TV in 2021. However, later this anime series was released on Netflix too.

With all the episodes Season 1 was released on Netflix, showing the story of a four-year-old, fans loved it and the show received an amazing and hugely positive response.

The fans were wanting to know about season 2, Fans had a lot of questions.

Has Netflix Renewed It Already?

On 11th March 2022, anime season 1 was released on Netflix. With all the episodes the show premiered, Before Netflix’s release, Kotaro Leaves Alone debuted on a television channel in 2021.

It is such a light-hearted movie and comedy in it, one of the major questions was will it have a renewal?

The sad news for the fans is Netflix or any other production entities, currently have made 0 official statements about the renewal of Kota to Leaves Alone.

The first season of the show just came out, so don’t worry fans. Let’s give it some time hopefully something will come out for you are related to this series. Anything that comes out, will be here on our site to update you!


It’s a recent series so the expectation can be a positive development in the coming time. As per Mami Sumara’s manga volumes, there are eight manga volumes and season one has taken small bits of all and covered only a small portion of it. Therefore, we can say that there are plenty of resources remaining for the production and making of the new season. Furthermore, during recent years Netflix’s investment in anime has increased two-fold.

We all are different.
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Kotaro Leaves Alone Season 2: Plot

As of now, in season 1 we saw the friendship was growing between, Kothari and Kamini. The main factor is that they have a huge age gap between them. But the beautiful thing is there try to help and support each other.
Kamino learned a lot about the 4-year-old Kotaro and his speaking style. However, in season 2, we expect Kotaro to live more of worldly life and make new friends. In addition, season 2 may open up more about Kotaro’s past. On the other hand, Karino will try to pave the way for his success after taking inspiration from his little friend.

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