Kumoricon Event Postponed To November Next Year

Kumoricon announced that they are postponing this year’s event to the next year. The official twitter account made the announcement on Friday. The Kumoricon 2020 will now happen on November 5-7, 2021. All the Kumoricon 2020 memberships will automatically move over to the 2021 event. Earlier, Kumoricon 2020 was going to take place on November 6-8.


Kumoricon Event: Options for already Registered Members

In light of this announcement, those who have already registered will have four options:

Carrying over your membership to Kumoricon 2021: Kumoricon will automatically move over 2020 memberships to 2021. If the members already want this, then they are not required to do anything as this is a ‘by default’ option. All the member who decides to roll over to 2021 will be given a Ghost Neko sticker (design pending) at the 2021 event.

Transferring your Kumoricon 2020 membership: All those who are unable to attend the 2021 event can transfer their registration to another person who wants to attend. This can be done by filling up their Action Request Form by Sunday, August 16, 2020.

Donating your Kumoricon 2020 membership: Attendees also have an option of donating their current registration. Donating simple means that you will not get transferred to the 2021 event but will directly support Kumoricon 2021. If an attendee donates at least $45 or a qualifying badge, they will receive an exclusive “Heart of Gold” Ghost Neko pin (design pending) at the 2021 convention. This indication has to be made on the Action Request Form by Sunday, August 16, 2020.

A refund of your Kumoricon 2020 membership: Additionally, an option for refund is also available. Those who cannot attend the 2021 event and want a refund, can also do that. They must fill the Action Request Form by Sunday, August 16, 2020.

Kumoricon Event
Source: kumoricon.org

Why such a decision?

Kumoricon made the decision in the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Oregon Governor Kate Brown said that large events will “likely still not be safe” by the end of 2020.

Kumoricon Event is the largest anime convention in Oregon. The first convention premiered in 2003 and after it was moved to the Oregon Convention Center in Portland in 2016. The event hosted 9,238 paid regular attendees in 2019.

We all are waiting for the pandemic to get over so that we can attend our favourite live shows and events. But until then, we have no choice but to stay home. Till then, stay tuned and keep reading!





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