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Kuroko’s Basketball Set To Debut On Netflix Soon- Check out Details!

Kuroko’s Basketball is all set to make its way to anime watchers all around the globe. Netflix is on the quest to import the best Japanese creations onto its own shelf. After several additions in 2020, they are roping in another hit Japanese manga show. Special emphasis on the sports genre is in the center of this latest acquisition. Haikyuu and Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club are some contemporaries of Kuroko’s Basketball in the latest popular wave.

Tadatoshi Fujimaki‘s Comedy Animation series has been a success since its local inception in 2012. However, the consistent and unpredictable writing has taken the anime from strength to strength.

The current lot of the Netflix update contains all the Seventy-Five episodes to date.

When does the show start streaming on the streaming giants?

After a year of heavy demand from fans of the Japanese manga series, Netflix is finally fulfilling lots of wishes. 2020 was a bad year in many respects, but content creation, especially anime isn’t one of them. Kuroko’s Basketball will be available for streaming on Netflix from January 12th, 2021 onwards. However, this doesn’t mean that any new episodes are anywhere near development.

The current batch available to Netflix Subscribers will only be the Seventy-Five episodes. All these are spanning over the three seasons between which were airing 2012 to 2015.

A recent surge in Anime watching public is making a case for more diversity in genre(s).

The tale surrounding Kuroko’s Basketball and how it’s changing the scene:-

Kuroko’s Basketball is an animated series that revolves around players from Teiko Middle School Basketball Team. The club is Seirin which consists of fantastic and interesting characters. The show, not only covers games and trainings but also everything surrounding the arena. The center of attraction is a captivating premier competition of the best players and teams from Japan.

The USP of this show is the distinct and unique storyline in a relatively common genre. The build-up to the actual matches is often more intense and captivating than the actual games. The characters of the show are ever-evolving, whether it be Tetsuya Kuroko or Taika Kagami. The mysterious plot-point of the invisible sixth member is tackled masterfully by the writers & creators.

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