Lapis Re: Lights- The Mystery is Solved!

Lapis Re: Lights is a Japanese multimedia franchise created by KLab and Kadokawa Corporation. It features a scenario written by Hajime Asano and character designs by U35. It is based on a mixed media project that blends fantasy, magical girls, and idol elements. The story follows a group of students who train to become idols. Together, they use the magic of music and other magics in their performances.

The fifth episode of Lapis Re: Lights introduces us to the pieces of supernatural mystery. Maryberry catches a glimpse of a House that supposedly looks haunted while investigating the area. She encounters a girl who looks and acts like a ghost. And in the last episode, all the students face a new obstacle in the form of a summons. Reports of supernatural activity occurring in a nearby forest prompt an investigation into the source of this phenomenon.

They start a search for Maryberry who suddenly disappears. In their search for her, they come across an odd-looking building that is suspended in the air except for the staircase which is connected to the ground. And from its appearance, without a doubt, it looked haunted.

The building’s architecture was kind of outdated, rooms covered with dust and it looked as if it’s been sitting in the forest for years. Also as soon as the girls enter the house, a storm kicks up outside. Things start getting creepy.


The Mystery Solved:-

After coming inside they start to investigate the house slowly. Panic strikes amongst the students as a ghost-like girl comes across them. The same one who Marryberry saw earlier. She retreats instantly after seeing the terrified students. It later turns out that the place is home for two spirits. One named Garnet and the other being a sentient doll. However, neither of these spirits have any malicious intent. After some time, the girls get a chance to talk to Garnet.

They discover that garnet is a ghost that hasn’t realized that she’s dead. She wears a school uniform that resembles their own. She and the Doll have been alone in the house for a long time now. Because of that, she wants to make friends with other people.
So basically. it turns out that what seemed a Haunted House filled with malicious spirits, is just a lonely home with cute friendly spirits. Those who cared to look deeper finds the friendly spirits inside. Something like don’t judge a book by its cover 😉

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Where can I watch Lapis Re: Lights?

You can watch all the previous as well as the upcoming episode here. The links are given below.


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