Lea Michele Shares Glimpses Of Her Newborn Son And His Gorgeous Nursery

Lea Michele welcomed her newborn son to the world, and she has offered a look of her baby son to her fans. She shared pics of her newborn baby, Ever Leo, along with the decorations his gorgeous nursery. Ever Leo born was born on August 20, and since the birth of her son, she is doing every possible thing to make him feel at home. The 34-year-old Glee star has given birth to her first child with her 37-year-old husband, Zandy Reich. She also offered her fans a glimpse of the adorable nursery of her son.

Lea Michele
Image Source – Vogue

The actress took the sweet snap to her Instagram story on September 5, and shared the picture of the tiny feet of her son. Ever was wearing a pair of blue sweatpants and he was bundled up in a white and brown printed rug. You can see the bunch of happiness and pure love below in the Instagram post of Lea Michele.


Lea Michele, her newborn baby Ever Leo, and his Gorgeous Nursery.

The second image, which was shared by the actress, was giving a more clear and better look at the decorations in the nursery of the newborn baby. It included a wooden crib along with white linen, a cream coloured storage container with a fluffy white pillow and extra blankets for the baby. Also, a large white lamp was adding to the decor of the nursery. The fixture of the lightening in the nursery was featuring gold accents, and those accents along with the wooden tones of the furniture, was providing a really warm feel to the room.

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It came within a week after the celebration of the 34th birthday of Lea with the latest member in her adorable family. A little glimpse of the small foot of the baby was also shared by her, which was held by her and her husband, Zandy. She captioned the sweet photo that she shared, and wrote, “ForEver grateful for this true blessing.”

Lea Michele and Zandy
Image Source – Vogue

An insider revealed on August 23 that everyone is healthy and happy, and they all are really grateful for what have been blessed with. He added that Ever had been an easy baby so far. The married couple remained silent through her pregnancy period until early May. They did not reveal anything about the pregnancy till the time when it was already far along.

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