“Mouse” (마우스) is an upcoming South Korean drama series which will feature Lee Seung Gi. While 2021 is off for a beautiful dusk, lots of K-Dramas seem to be coming out. However, while high school rom-com and romantic genres seem to be in popular demand, other off-road types also work. A Horror-Thriller is just the difference that the audiences need on the back of a cluster of similar shows.

After a year of getting pushed back multiple times, finally, the development is complete. Following is the first look teaser trailer of the show.

When And Where Can We Expect Mouse To premiere?

At the moment, there seems to be no official announcement of a release date. However, we can confirm that the February-March window in 2021. The first season will consist of Twenty episodes in total. Each episode is set to have a Sixty-minute run-time.

New episodes of the show will be coming out every week, with a release on Thursdays. The local broadcasters will be tvN. Also, expect streaming giants to step into the broadcasting game for this show.

Lee Seung-Gi is going to be playing the character of Jung Ba-Reum, also Lee Hee-joon will play Go Mu-Chi.

What’s this upcoming project going to be about?

Before anything we say, it’s important to put out that any project that’s not out yet is impossible to predict. The makers of Mouse might even put out some untrue rumors to be put off the audiences. However, we’ll do our best to streamline all the speculations and predict the possible theme.

Reportedly, the movie follows a psycho serial killer’s merciless trail of madness and murders. These horrific events are leaving the entire nation in a state of total distress and fear. An honest rookie cop in the city, Jung Ba Reum, encounter a close call with the dreaded criminal. While he survives this dangerous meeting, Jung Ba Reum finds his life turning upside down.

While the synopsis of the project makes it feel more like a crime-thriller, some aspects tip the balance in the horror genre. The ultimate objective of the show is to ponder over the possibility of pre-recognizing people who can turn out to be psychopaths.

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