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Legally Blonde 3: Luke Wilson Could Return For The Show

Luke Wilson would happily reprise his role as Emmett in Legally Blonde 3. Released in 2001, Legally Blonde immediately became a cult classic. Also, and served to solidify Reese Witherspoon as a Hollywood icon. Directed by Robert Luketic, Legally Blonde follows Elle Woods (Witherspoon). And a perky organization girl who enrolls in Harvard Law School in an attempt to win back her boyfriend. Getting life lessons and winning stereotypes along the way. So, Elle makes terrific friends and falls in love with Emmett Richmond (Wilson).

Luke Wilson recently opened up about his potential role in Legally Blonde 3 with Reese Witherspoon. Scroll down to see what he said.

She was managing the box office upon its initial announcement. However, Legally Blonde spawned a stage musical. And a direct-to-DVD spinoff and a sequel, Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, & Blonde. Following Elle on her newfound career in Washington. So the series ended with Elle and Emmett’s wedding. And as and when it seem to be the final installment of Elle Woods’ journey. However, in 2018, Witherspoon declared she would don her character’s pink wardrobe again in Legally Blonde 3. She stuck in the composition pipeline for a couple of years. And also, Legally Blonde 3 got a boost earlier this year when it announced that Mindy Kaling. So, and Dan Goor would pen the script. Now it appears Wilson could join Witherspoon in the upcoming film.

What’s the Legally Blonde 3 Production Upto?

Of course, two decades after depicting Emmett in Legally Blonde, Wilson continued to attached to successful projects, including That ’70s ShowZombieland: Double Tap, and Stargirl. In Legally Blonde, Wilson and Witherspoon potent chemistry. While it remains to be seen if Kaling and Goor will opt to keep Elle and Emmett married, it would be interesting to see the two characters together in their 40s.

The supporting cast:

Indeed, the supporting cast of Legally Blonde, such as Jennifer Coolidge as Paulette Bonafonte, helped to turn the first film into a success and should featured in the third film. Speaking on Legally Blonde’s legacy, Wilson declared, “It’s another thing to make a movie that does well but to have one that gets legs because of how people feel about it, that is a great feeling.” While the fate of Elle and Emmett’s romance has yet to revealed, Legally Blonde 3 has a lot to cover in the life of Elle Woods two decades later.


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