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Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular and beloved video-game franchises with an immensely rich amount of lore, it comes as no surprise that the demand for a brand new animated series is strong. So the real question that arises here is that whether the Zelda series is coming to the online streaming service providing platform, Netflix? This article contains all the updates regarding the rumours of Zelda series coming to Netflix.

Legend of Zelda
Image Source – Netflix

It is a popular game franchise which is developed by Nintendo, and it has been over three decades since the release of the first game on the NES, and has since spawned a further 19 titles across various different generations of the consoles. It has been three decades since the release of the original animated series, and while the music of the game was fantastic, the less we say about the actual series, the better.

The rumours of a brand new series have been circulating for years now, and at least for the foreseeable future, it may remain the same way. All the information that is available about the Netflix series that is supposed and then cover what we could see from it purely out of speculation.

 Legend of Zelda | Complete Timeline of Rumors Surrounding The Series

  • It was reported earlier that Adi Shankar was in talks to produce a TV series on Zelda. Adi is well known for his pioneering role in the animated series of Netflix, Castlevania, which is widely considered to be the best on the service. Shankar posted on Instagram back in the year 2018, that he is working with an iconic Japanese gaming company to adapt one of their iconic game series into a series. However, just a month after that initial report, it was then announced that Adi Shankar will be working on a Devil May Cry series.


The Legend of Zelda
Image Source – Netflix
  • The IMDb page of the Legend of Zelda series remains the biggest evidence for a potential series. According to IMDb Pro, it is currently filming. Nintendo is listed to be the production company behind the series as the distributor with Netflix.
  • On September 16, Wednesday, a rumour came that Tom Holland, who recently made an appearance in The Devil All The Time, but is well known for playing the role of Spider-Man was being eyed for a lead role in the series.

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