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Legends Of Tomorrow | Writers Revealed How Their Approach To Aliens Is Going To Be Different

When Legends of Tomorrow of DC Universe returns to the airwaves in the year 2021, the series will be dealing with the aliens. However, it is not an entirely new concept for the Arrowverse; after all, the Supergirl is herself an alien and exists in a show that is all about the aliens.

The first-ever crossover that brought Supergirl and the Legends to the table was Invasion!, in which an alien race called, The Dominators, who tried to take over Earth, because they perceived our metahuman population as a threat to the delicate balance intergalactic politics and as you may be aware that Barry kept messing with time, so that is a part of it too.

Legends of Tomorrow
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During the DC FanDome, it was revealed by the writers of Legends that they wanted to do something zanier and bigger with the aliens on the show and something that would be giving the series a chance to put their own stamp on it. For a start, they plan to play with some of the subgenres of alien fiction. The showrunner of the show, Ketu Shimizu said that they are trying to lean into some alien genres, and added that Supergirl does their own version of aliens, and they are trying to make it really feel and look different, and they are putting their stamp on it.

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Legends of Tomorrow | Different Approach To Aliens By The Writers

Aside from the Supergirl, no other show from the Arrowverse has had a season-long thread about aliens. Supergirl and Black Lightning have also been merged into the same Earth as the rest of the heroes on the DC shows of The CW. That clearly means that The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow that are dealing more frequently with aliens should not be that big surprise.

The writer of the series said that every season they try to go zanier and bigger, which is also interesting this season when they are trying to be safe and shot during possible quarantine. He added that he feels like if any other show can do it, the Legends can do it.

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Legends of Tomorrow
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The DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is all set to make its return in the spring of the year 2021. Having spent last season trying to track down the Loom of Fate in order to bring back their slain comrades, the Legends must now save history from a foe like none they’ve encountered in the past or future.

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