Leinil Yu Exits Marvel Comic Series | X-Men Artist Will Continue To Work On Covers

Leinil Yu, whose full name is Leinil Francis Yu has made an announcement after a year of working on the series that the issue of X-Men of this week is going to be the last one of his as the interior artist. He has been collaborating with Jonathan Hickman since the relaunch of his series began in the year 2019, but luckily, for all of the readers, he will still be around providing the covers for the series.

Yu wrote making an announcement on the social media platform, Twitter, that X-Men #12 is his last gig as interior artist and he will be continuing as cover artist. He thanked everyone for all of their support and encouragement and colluded by saying, enjoy the issue.

Leinil Yu X-Men
Image Source – Marvel

Mahmud Asrar, the Turkish star, which is no stranger to X-Men, will be filling his void and it has been confirmed that he will be drawing issues 13, 14, and 15. See the statement given by the interior artist on his Twitter handle below.

X-Men #12 has marked one of the first prelude issues into the upcoming X of Swords crossover event, which is pronounced as Ten of Swords, just like the Roman numeral and the Tarot Card. The new event will be crossing over every X-Men title into a 22 chapter epic story that has been in the works for some time now. Jonathan Hickman explained that they are in a really interesting time in that the books have launched and they all are really healthy. Also, the reception of the line across the board has been fairly positive.

Leinil Yu Exits Marvel Comics Series

He added that they know the things that they are doing down the road, and so what they are doing now, X of Swords can be considered as a perfect example for this. It is that they are just trying the sh*t out. They have not done a real crossover across a bunch of books, that was a real, true crossover. The real question here is, Okay, so were they just screwing around, or do they actually have a story?

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Leinil Yu X-Men
Image Source – Marvel

He continued and said Thank God, they now have a story, but it is really a group experiment across the line, and they are going to that again the month of December. Also, they have got some stuff that they are going to do next year that will be working the same way.

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