Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse: We Finally Have The Reason On Why The Couple Separated

Cole Sprouse, the Riverdale star, has now reportedly been separated from Lili Reinhart, and the details revealed on the separation between the Riverdale stars is real. They got separated a month back, as they were having difficulty in their relationship and they figured out that it will be a smarter decision to end things on a good note. As per the Riverdale stars, Lili and Cole do not do well with the separation that is the prime reason behind why the two are facing these difficulties.

Cole Sprouse and ily Rreinhart
Image Source – People

What is the reason behind the separation of the couple?

Till now, there is no clear explanation from the stars regarding their separation. However, there are some reports available on the Internet in which we can see that they have made their own stories about the separation of the couple. It as revealed earlier that the two were having some disputes between them.

We are aware that the two had isolated independently, as Cole was found enjoying his quarantine with KJ, while Lily was staying with her cute pet. In this way, they were floating in the light of separation, and probably, they already knew that it is not going to turn out the same way, yet at the same time, they took the risk for themselves.

Besides this, it has also been said by the source that the two impart better when they are together. So this is all that is known about their separation.

Lily Reinhart and Cole Sprouse | Are they dating someone else now?

Cole Sprouse likewise posted a picture of Lily Reinhart on his social media platform, Instagram handle, in which he clarified that they were separated in the month of January. However, had the last part in the month of March, he additionally speaking to Lili and said that he is happy that he had the chance to experience to feel passionately for her.

Cole Sprouse and Lily Reinhart
Image Source – People

Reportedly, none of them is dating anybody as of now. However, we will be updating you with all the details that are going to be revealed in the near future.

The cuteness of this couple adored all the fans of the duo from the Riverdale, and they still wish to see them together once again both, on-screen and as a couple in love. Keep visiting this website if you are one of those fans, so that you do not miss out the latest gossip related to them.

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