Lisa Kudrow’s son: Julian Kudrow is not her fan!!

Lisa Kudrow is an actress who got famous for her role as ‘Phoebe Buffay’ in a famous American Sitcom. She has gained vast popularity and considerable fanbase from her character. The actress recently revealed that her son Julian Kudrow is not her fan as an actress. Let’s have a look at what is revealed by the actress!

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Lisa has played a role of a very unique, weird, and lovable character as Phoebe Buffay. Her character is mostly loved by everyone. Sadly, her son Julian is not quite a fan of her mom.

According to some reports, Lisa revealed she and her son has a perfect and appreciable bonding. But, she generally does not discuss her work as Phoebe Buffay in the famous sitcom Friends with her son.

She also said that his son is very much inclined and happy with her other projects rather than Friends, but she is okay with that and, of course, does not have any kind of problem.

Lisa also expressed that she does not let her work to be the reason for problems between her and her son. She never minds that her son is not her fan, she revealed. Also, she does not want her son to force these kinds of things.

Lisa said that her son is the best thing that has ever happened to her, and she feels fortunate to have him. They both have very good bonding. Lisa revealed that her son is free to express anything to her. Interestingly, they talk about relationships, girls, and have an open environment.

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Talking about her work, Lisa has played incredible roles as an actress. We last saw Lisa Kudrow on the series ‘Space Force’ with Michael Scott.

Also, Friends fans are eagerly waiting for FRIENDS, reunion special. Still, fans need to sit tight and wait for the show for a while.

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