Live-Action Cyberpunk And Splinter Cell Series Reportedly In Development At Netflix

The online streaming service providing platform, Netflix is showing green lights to a number of shows and movie projects that are based on video-games, and we are hearing that two more of them can be on their way with live-action titles that are potentially planned for both Cyberpunk and Splinter Cell which are already getting animated series at the streaming giant.

So it is really important to stress at this stage that both of the series are in very early stages of development and suffice to say, you should currently treat these two projects as the rumors as it has not been officially confirmed yet.

Beginning with Cyberpunk, we would like to tell you that it is already coming to the streaming giant in the form of Cyberpunk Edgerunners, which is being developed as an anime title from the studio behind Kill la Kill. 

Cyberpunk and Splinter Cell
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Live-Action Cyberpunk And Splinter Cell Series In Development 

This live-action project was first reported by Daniel Richtman, who stated that Keanu Reeves is being eyed for this project, which makes sense given his involvement in the game itself, which is currently due to be released in the month of December of this year after many significant delays.

Well, if the series is still in the stages of development, then do not accept it to be announced until the game releases as it could tie in. Sadly, an employee from CDProjectRed has ruled out a live-action series.

As for the second project, Splinter Cell, we are already aware that the streaming platform has an anime series in the stages of development with Derek Kolstad, previously worked in John Wick, on board to write.

A new casting grid that recently came out suggests that Splinter Cell might be getting one more project, which is going to be produced in the form of a live-action series. However, it does not reveal much, but the grid that we have seen does not have any of the announced writers or producers that are currently known to the anime series, suggesting that it could be something else entirely.

Splinter Cell Poster
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Well, these reports do follow a recent trend where the streaming giant is doubling down on multiple formats before one has released. Resident Evil is getting both an anime and a live-action series that are both expected to hit in the year 2021.


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