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“Live On” Behind The Scenes Fun From The Wrap Of Season One!

“Live On” is one of the great K-Drama shows of 2020, but it’s coming to a halt. Like every good thing, this too must come to its season completion. However, like the rest of the show, the twilight promises to be a wonderful ride.

Since debuting in November 2020 and after Two Months and Eight episodes, the first season of the show is finally coming to an end. The Tuesday schedule for the season finale is being waited upon, dearly, by the fans of the show.

However, there’s a certain fun behind the scenes for the shoots for the final few episodes. Lee Se-hee, who plays Jung Hee-soo, and Jung Da-bin, who plays Baek Ho-rang are all fun and games in these behind the scene exclusives. While their character might be staunch rivals, the faces behind them are definitely not.

Live On Media
[Jung Da-bin and Hwang Min-hyun on the sets of Live On.]

Exclusive Behind The Scenes Shots From Live On:-

The cast and crew of the K-Drama look in high spirits for the final schedules of the show. While the audiences bid adieu to the coming-of-age show, maybe the cast knows something we don’t.

K-drama Female Leads
[The three major female leads from Live On posing for a picture.]
Live On K-drama
[Jung Da-bin (L) and Yeonwoo (R) wrapping the schedule for the show.]
K-drama Cast

When and Where can we see the final episode of “Live On”?

The season finale will be airing on Tuesday, January 12th, 2020. jTBC and Naver TV are the official broadcasters of the show. However, the K-Drama will also be available on multiple streaming platforms soon after the initial broadcast. Also, Like the previous seven, the eighth chapter will also stay with the Sixty-Minute runtime.

Plot and Theme of “Live On”:-

Baek Ho-rang (Jung Da-bin) is a High school student who is a social media sensation for being charming and beautiful. However, her being a little state and cold in person earns her also a considerable amount of trolls. One day, she gets a message from an anonymous sender being played over the school announcement. This message reminds her of a dark memory in her past that she keeps secret from everybody. She has also been receiving messages from an anonymous account that blackmails her. The secrecy of demons of her past are now being held hostage against her will.

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