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Log Horizon Is Back With Season Three – Here’re All The Details!

Log Horizon is offically back with season three of the series and we can’t possibly miss it. The title Japanese novel series by Mamare Touno is the source for this anime adaptation. Meanwhile, All the illustration is from Kazuhiro Hara which ensures the mastery of the craft

After the debut season in 2013, the show is now slowly becoming a staple for lots of anime watchers. The growing fan-following and more time for development only indicates good things to come!

When and Where Can We Watch Log Horizon Season Three Premiere?

The initial plan was to release this brand new instalment back in October, 2020, but couldn’t. However, after the peak of the pandemic, we are finally getting the third season.

First Episode for the season will be airing everywhere from January 13th, 2020. Also, the telecast rights for the local transmission are with NHK Educational TV. Funimation and AnimeLab will be providing the online streaming for viewers all around the world. As soon as the new episodes come out, we’ll be getting the various subtitled and dubbed versions.

Plot and Theme of Log Horizon:-

With animes, there can often be an accusation of being too similar or monotone for a genre. However, the show manages to put a very fresh spin on a common overdone section of anime.

Log Horizon follows the “Elder Tale”, an online fantasy RPG that is extremely popular in the universe of the series. While people are totally devout for the game, a new update changes their lives. When its twelfth expansion package, “Novasphere Pioneers” is loaded, thirty thousand players find themselves trapped inside the game.

Our protagonist, Shiroe, who isn’t very socially active has to adapt in order to survive. But to survive in a world full of demons, he forms a group, “Log Horizon”, with various gamers. While many are about to give up, a group of adventurers decides to unveil the mystery of this game they are playing and find a way to govern their territory.

Normally, one would expect this show would follow them struggling to find a way out. However, here they quickly come to accept that, at least for the time being, this will be their new avenue. The tale revolves around Shiroe and his friends; he is a mastermind, about making the world a better place for them to live.

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