Logic: Rapper Signs An Exclusive Deal With Twitch; The Figures Might Surprise You!

Logic doesn’t seem to like the Internet, and by the Internet, we primarily mean Social Media. Some masses send hateful messages about him, by the unmoderated bunch of people who feel so empowered to say, “go kill yourself” to someone they deem big enough to be faceless.

Logic is better known offstage as Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, isn’t a stranger to the churn of comments that power social media, it’s how he made his name, he tells, reaching people where they were by putting out his music for free online.

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He was at the birth of the modern Internet, and he was at the birth of social media as he says. He has sold millions of records and is, by many people’s measure, one of the most prominent artists in the world currently, he has become one of those faceless people.

He knows the fact of how famous he is, though it seems to make him feel a little uncomfortable to talk about. He hates the term ‘celebrity.’ It’s so annoying according to him.

Logic signs an exclusive deal with Twitch

But he’s expressing about it now, because Hall has decided to get back on the social media. He is signed exclusively to Twitch, where he’ll stream weekly, some set number of hours a week, which he assures he’ll easily exceed. He says that he is not that rapper guy. Moreover, he is a nerd, and he loves playing video games.

That isn’t surprising, not really, when you consider how closely the worlds of gaming and rap have been bound up together over the last 30 years. “I’m blessed enough to have millions of fans and followers.

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He says that it is a great partnership. He is going to bring new eyes to their service, and they’re going to bring new money to his bank account. He also tells that his deal with Twitch is worth seven figures.


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