Lootcase Ending: Who Took The Cash?

Lootcase is a comedy movie which started steaming on Disney+Hotstar since July 30th. It stars Kunal Khemu as the lead and has a stellar supporting cast. While Critics are pretty neutral about the movie, the film has gained audience support. It’s a funny story. I’ll give them that. It has that Golmaal/Herapheri vibe but also more drama than expected. Let’s see what happened at the ending while reviewing the movie.

Kunal Khemu as Nandan in Lootcase (2020)
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Lootcase Ending Explained:

In the movie, Kunal Khemu plays the role of Nandan Kumar, who is an average Indian man. Like any average Indian men he troubled with his financial situation. His wife and son are even more troubled by it and are constantly hostile towards Nandan. So what happens? One fine day Nandan happens to stumble upon a briefcase full of money. He decides to keep the money, not knowing the fact that it belongs to corrupt politician Patil.

That’s a good premise, isn’t it?. The story of Lootcase continues as Nandan keeps on spending the money while the Politician and his goons are trying to find it. Nandan blinded by the attention his family is giving him fails to recognize that it is not his money. The most funny part of the whole movie to me is that director Rajesh Krishnan said it is based on a true story. 

Director:- Rajesh Krishnan

So what happened there at the climax, you ask. We knew a showdown was imminent. In the end, there is that gunfire, and the money ends up getting burned due to it. While some people died, Nandan survived, and he goes on and calls his wife. He tells her how he wants things to go back to the way they were. He wishes not to have found that Lootcase. In that duration, he again stumbles over another suitcase similar to that at the beginning of the movie. And he leans over to pick it up! That’s human greed at it’s best. There are other speculations at what he did, but I’m pretty sure he picked it up.

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The movie is watchable. I would recommend you leave all skepticism aside and watch just for gags, and you’ll be entertained. You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar by clicking Here.


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