Lori Harvey, Michael B. Jordan In Lori’s Hometown For Thanksgiving! Ex Future Has A New GF Too!

Fans are applauding Lori Harvey, after she was snapped landing in Atlanta with the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’: Michael B. Jordan. Just three days ago, it was revealed that Lori’s ex Future has moved on!

Lori And Michael In Her Hometown For Thanksgiving!

Lori Harvey, 23, had a surprise travel companion when she reached her hometown of Atlanta one day before Thanksgiving: Michael B. Jordan, 33! The model, who is also Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter, was spotted with the Black Panther star as they exited from a Delta aircraft that had aired from Los Angeles and landed in her Georgia hometown on Nov. 24.

Michael B. Jordan. Image : Hollywood Life Lori Harvey. Image: Hollywood Life

Lori Harvey became a part of trending column on Twitter after she was seen travelling with movie star Michael B. Jordan.
They even twinned their sweatsuits of two slightly different shades of grey and medical-grade face masks. Both touted carry-on luggage as Lori and Michael went down the stairs attached to the airplane. The travel-duo then tossed it into a vehicle that carried them away. It’s indefinite what plans they have made for in Lori’s hometown (where is also her current residence) so close to a major family holiday, since they have not had a romance going on in the past.

Lori and Michael spotted exiting a Delta aircraft. Image: NG News Hub

Michael B. Jordan is popular for his role as  Erik Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther, and for his starring role in Creed.
The suspenseful plot of it all excited fans, especially since Lori and Future indicated having split by unfollowing each other on Instagram in August 2020. According to sources, the couple wanted to step back from the relationship and enjoy a break to bring things together. News came out that Lori and Future resumed their romance secretly again. However, it’s now certain that the two have officially separated after rapper Dess Dior, 22, shared a sizzling photo of Future snuggling her from behind on November 22.

Lori Bagged ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’:

With Future no longer in the frame, the picture between Lori and Michael is uncertain. Regardless, Twitter was overdriven with congratulations. Michael had just been titled PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive” of 2020 just a week before the sighting, after all. “Lori Harvey got Michael B Jordan? That a girl.” a fan tweeted while Sylvia Obell tweeted “Lori Harvey bagged Michael B Jordan?! Put her jersey in the rafters!,”.

Lori’s Previous High-Profile Partners:

Lori has become a center of news over the past two years due to her high-profile romances, beginning with an engagement to Dutch soccer player Memphis Depay, 26. After the engagement cancelled, Lori seemingly dated Justin Combs, 26, in 2018. Further, after a short-lived romance with Trey Songz, 35, she went on to be with Sean “Diddy” Combs, 51 — yes, who is her ex’s dad!

Lori with Future. Image: Celebrity Insider

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Future eventually came into picture after dating rumours sparked in October 2019. And now, we have landed into a new plot twist in Lori’s romantic story that has been devotedly followed by fans.


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